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Bringing Water and Hope to Anasi

Collaborating with a local team on Lopez Island, the Heller Family Foundation is helping to raise funding and awareness about the plight of villagers who are without clean and accessible water in Ethiopia. The effort is focused on raising money to build a clean water system in the village of Anasi that will in turn lift the standard of living and health of the villagers. The Heller family personally invites you to participate in this community effort.

The effort was inspired by three island residents that were born in the village of Anasi, Ethiopia and adopted by a family here on Lopez Island. After returning to the native homeland to visit members of their family, they were introduced to volunteer projects throughout the country that have been building cisterns that filter and store water in the villages. These clean water projects have  transformed the daily lives and general health of the villagers. Watch a video.

It takes a community to help a community. Come help us raise money to create a water system in the village of our birth. Learn about our customs. Bring an Ethiopian potluck dish to share (see suggested recipes here). Your donations, whether big or small, will help us meet our goal. Everyone is welcome!
Marta, Solomon and Emebet Bill
Questions: contact Solomon at

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