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How a Biodynamic Farm Works

In existence since 1970, S&S Homestead Farm is:

SELF-SUFFICIENT: it produces beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables, using fertilizers and other inputs produced on the farm 
SUSTAINABLE: it will be able to produce food forever
ECONOMICALLY VIABLE: sales of meat, eggs and vegetables, as well as educational programs, produce enough income to provide for farm expenses,
and infrastructure
ECOLOGICALLY RESPONSIBLE: the sun is the source of energy harvested through plants, animals, and an intricate water system

The farm’s sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens produce the manure that fertilizes the gardens; in turn, crops from gardens and fields are fed back to the animals. Cows and sheep eat only high protein grass from the farm’s fields, which they fertilize as they graze. By moving the animals often from pasture to pasture, parasites are not a problem. Living in the same place all their lives, the animals have developed natural immunities and don’t need medication.

Following nature’s model, the farm’s fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers are interplanted so that pollinators come and pests stay away. Composts and cover crops keep the fields fertile. All crops are organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, and any fertilizers used are produced on the farm.

The farm’s infrastructure also utilizes sustainable, ecologically and fiscally responsible systems. Through S&S Woodworks, the farm cuts and mills its own wood for building projects. Rainwater is collected off rooftops, channeled to a pond for storage, and then re-circulated when needed, using solar energy. Compost and fertilizers are produced on the farm, and excess meat and produce are preserved for later use.

Programs for Change

Cultivating Change

The L.I.F.E. Garden Program teaches K-12 students how to grow and eat organic, healthy food...

Nourishing Change

Evening Meals at School serve up organic, affordable communal dinners for the whole community...

Demonstrating Change

S&S Homestead Farm demonstrates principles of sustainability and takes a leadership role in educating youth...

Inspiring Change

The Vita Parcours Lopez Island Fitness and Ecology Trail offers a scenic fitness experience for all abilities and ages...

Promoting Change

Local initiatives support cultural diversity, a connected community, and healthy, well-informed individuals...

Healthy Change

Collaborating with a local effort to bring clean water to a village in Ethiopia with the Water for Anasi project...