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L.I.F.E. Garden Map

Rishi Environmental Learning Garden
Built as a memorial for a Lopez student, the Rishi garden features aquatic plants, fish, amphibians and flowers, and showcases student art.

Herb Circle

Permaculture Strawberry Mounds

Perennial Crops
Rhubarb, strawberry, raspberries and more

Fruit Orchard

Funded by a student-organized sale of native plants, the orchard has 12 fruit trees including pear, apple and plum.

Raised Beds
Elementary students plant a variety of flowers and vegetables in homeroom beds. The Middle School students tend to raised beds that include squash, potatoes, carrots and a pumpkin patch.

Hoop Houses
These unheated 14' by 48' foot green houses provide a way to grow leafy greens year round for the school cafeteria.




Programs for Change

Cultivating Change

The L.I.F.E. Garden Program teaches K-12 students how to grow and eat organic, healthy food...

Nourishing Change

Evening Meals at School serve up organic, affordable communal dinners for the whole community...

Demonstrating Change

S&S Homestead Farm demonstrates principles of sustainability and takes a leadership role in educating youth...

Inspiring Change

The Vita Parcours Lopez Island Fitness and Ecology Trail offers a scenic fitness experience for all abilities and ages...

Promoting Change

Local initiatives support cultural diversity, a connected community, and healthy, well-informed individuals...

Healthy Change

Collaborating with a local effort to bring clean water to a village in Ethiopia with the Water for Anasi project...