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Working Locally to Inspire Change

The mission of the Heller Family Foundation is to promote and support local initiatives and programs that cultivate vibrant, healthy individuals, a connected community and a sustainable environment.

Through a collaborative process, we help create and support programs that can be replicated in other communities, including:

  • A school garden program based on experiential learning that involves students growing and eating healthy food year round;
  • A collaboration with a local demonstration farm that introduces students to whole systems agriculture;
  • A community meal that brings residents together to eat organic, gourmet food prepared by local chefs using the school as a gathering place; and
  • A fitness and ecology trail on school property that is open to the public year round, providing exercise stations for persons of all abilities, while showcasing and protecting local habitat.

We strive to build, document and promote sustainable programs on a local level that bring about positive change and enhance quality of life. It is our hope that these innovative, achievable alternatives to globalization inspire individuals, serve as models of sustainability, and broaden the sense of community.



Programs for Change

Cultivating Change

The L.I.F.E. Garden Program teaches K-12 students how to grow and eat organic, healthy food...

Nourishing Change

Evening Meals at School serve up organic, affordable communal dinners for the whole community...

Demonstrating Change

S&S Homestead Farm demonstrates principles of sustainability and takes a leadership role in educating youth...

Inspiring Change

The Vita Parcours Lopez Island Fitness and Ecology Trail offers a scenic fitness experience for all abilities and ages...

Promoting Change

Local initiatives support cultural diversity, a connected community, and healthy, well-informed individuals...

Healthy Change

Collaborating with a local effort to bring clean water to a village in Ethiopia with the Water for Anasi project...